The First 30 Minutes Can Make or Break Your Day

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The First 30 Minutes Can Make or Break Your Day

“We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”


Your morning routines and habits can be the easiest target for improving your day, studies have shown that daily habits can help make you happier.  We are always look for ‘low hanging fruit’ or easy to use practical steps that can be applied quickly, so check out my top tips below.


Even if you only have a few minutes each morning, writing in a journal has been proven to change the outcome of your day.  Every mentor, coach and book I have consulted recommends beginning your day in the best possible way: with journalling. The FIVE-MINUTE JOURNAL is the easiest way to begin this process. It has also been proven that shifting your focus to be more positive can dramatically improve your happiness.

  • It starts with a positive quote, as many upon waking up reaching for the snooze for the 4th time dreading to start the day.
  • Then a few points on gratitude (scientists love gratitude because it is proven to improve your sense of well-being, improve sleep, lowers symptoms of physical pain, stimulates dopamine in the brain)
  • Then a few points on what would make the day great.  Your personal google search engine in your brain (Reticular activating system) will look and try to seek this out all day.  I often include action steps that will bring me closer to my family, health, career, financial, etc. goals in life.

This journal is unique as there is a short section to recap your day and go to bed on a positive note.

A Few More Tips

IF usually means eating all your food within 6-8 hr window as is used for aiding weight loss, sharper mental focus, preventing cancer, building muscle, prevent chronic disease, increases neural plasticity and neurogenesis (easier for brian to grow and evolve). Check out Bullet Proof Exec’s article on how to make your morning and coffee both bulletproof.

I recommend check fasting blood sugar with glucometer if you are going to give IF a try.  I also recommend checking one and two hours post meals to see how quickly your blood sugar returns to normal levels. For this I use a Precision Xtra blood sugar monitor. If you find your blood sugar is constantly elevated or you know someone with Type 2 Diabetes/Insuln Resistance, check out this video on reversibility of some diabetic conditions.

Two profound resources I use for increasing mobility, strength and stability

  1. Foundation training:
  2. Gymnastic bodies –,

I alternate between both and spend 10-15 minutes in the morning. According to gretchin rubin of the Happiness Project, what’s the secret to making or breaking a habit? To change our habits, we first have to figure out ourselves.  Exploring your tendencies and is key to changing habits.

Take the quiz here to check your tendencies.

Also pairing your daily habits may be an easier way to change and ultimately be happier and more productive.  for example, only can watch reality TV during your exercise or mobility practice.

Dr Dan

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