About Guelph Natural Health

We’re about more than chiropractic health. Our goal is to be the leaders in natural health in the Guelph community. To do this, we work with families and patients who are dedicated to taking charge and improving their health.

By focusing on your lifestyle as a whole, we are committed to helping you leave our offices healthier and better informed about how to take the next steps in improving your health.

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Family Chiropractic Care in Guelph

What Our Patients Say

“When I started care with Dr. Vitale I had numbness and tingling in my left arm, chronic neck pain,  headaches, severe restless leg syndrome and I could not sleep.  I was sent to a cardiologist and then a neurologist.  I have had numerous tests over a year and a half including MRIs, CT scans, stress tests, EKGs, blood tests, heart imaging, nerve conduction studies, etc.  Nothing turned up.  I had met Dr. Dan Vitale at a community outreach and he told me I may have nerve involvement and may want to give Chiropractic a try.  Now six months into my program of care, I sleep, no headaches, no numbness in my arm, no neck pain, no restless leg syndrome allowing me to sleep; finally.”
"I've had a great experience at the family chiropractic centre so far. Dr Dan is incredibly knowledgeable about his work and research and is happy to share relevant info with his clients. He takes time to get to know you and your unique health issues. I was hesitant about chiropractic care long-term but I have noticed less pain in my neck and shoulders during high stress times as a student which is when my symptoms are particularly painful. The staff at the front desk are very friendly and greet you by name. I like that they practice what they preach with standing desks. Overall, I am happy I made my first appointment here and look forward to continued care."
“My family and I have benefited greatly from Dr. Dan’s holistic approach to health over the last 5 years. Our family consists of 3 competitive swimmers, one dancer, one runner, and an infant. Dr. Dan lives what he believes in, and inspires those around him to do the same. He is full of information regarding nutrition, health, chiropractic, and muscular injuries. What he does not know off the top of his head, he researches. At 41 I had decided to have another child. Having suffered a separated symphysis with my last two children (in my later 20’s and early 30’s), I asked Dr. Dan for advice with this latest pregnancy. He did some research and came back to me with a list of exercises to do daily. I faithfully followed his orders and saw him weekly during my pregnancy. Not only was I able to swim Master’s swimming until the day I went into labour at 41 years old, but during the labour I did not suffer another separated symphysis. My recovery from the pregnancy was very fast and I am back in the water training again. Thank you, Dr. Dan!”