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Would you like to avoid back pain? Did you know that 80% of the adult population in Canada will experience low back pain in their lifetime? If you implement these three simple steps you will limit and prevent back pain as part of your life. Don’t hesitate to chat with myself or your chiropractor if you have any questions about these three steps.

Step 1: Sit Less

Cross-section diagram shows muscles in the arm

In a bicep curl: the triceps muscle will relax to allow the biceps muscle to shorten and contract.  This is called reciprocal inhibition.

When sitting, the hip flexors (groin muscles) are tight and short, which means your gluteal muscles or ‘glutes’ (your buttocks) are sleeping every time you sit.  This is not ideal for your lower back and is one of the main causes of low back pain.

Check out this video on being ‘Deskbound” by Dr. Kelly Starrett:

Activate Your Glutes & Accelerate Butt Development with Butterfly Floor Bridges:

Standing position also matters because if your pelvis is tilted in a poor position while you stand this will also create low back pain.

Step #2 Keep Moving

Cross-section diagram of effects of pelvic tilt and hip/knee angle on lower back pain

What is the best position to sit or stand?

The best position to be in is always the next position. This means that standing workstations are not necessarily the solution. Rather, movement is the solution.

Move more — I didn’t say exercise or go to the gym. This includes the core stability exercises we recommend to improve your spinal endurance (to help stabilize your spine) and mobility.

Consider these other movement practices and resources I personally use:

Step 3:  Check Your Alignment

Image of car wheel alignment represents back pain issuesHow’s your alignment? Get an adjustment or have someone check you spine and pelvis alignment.  Birth trauma, slips, falls, bumps, and sports injuries as a child may have left your spine susceptible to imbalances and restrictions that the body will express as pain.  Remember ‘as the twig is bent, the tree grows’.

Don’t wait to be in pain before you have your spine checked — you wouldn’t wait until you had tooth pain to see your dentist.


If you would like a consultation to discuss natural options for your low back pain:

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  • Sam

    Excellent writing!
    From my experience, I can say that one of the most important things you can do for back pain prevention is to exercise. I think that the best reason exercise prevents back pain is that exercise helps you keep your weight down being overweight, especially around your stomach can put added strain on your back

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