Before Your Adjustment

Remember that most of your day you have been spent sitting or standing. This means that your spine has spent most of your day resisting gravity and under compressive load.

Before your adjustment, we encourage you to lie face down with your arms relaxed on the armrests, as this process can help let all your muscles get into a relaxed state. A breathing protocol, such asĀ box breathing, can be incorporated to encourage a state of relaxation and healing.

During Your Adjustment

During your adjustment, your body (including your spine) should be in a resting position. Your doctor will guide you through placing your body in the most optimal position to receive your adjustment.

After Your Adjustment

After your adjustment, you should not rub, probe, or poke the areas that your doctor adjusts. You will also be taught to get up on your side to maintain a neutral spine position.

Watch the video below to learn what to do before, after, and during chiropractic care:

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