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Vitamin D deficiency is caused by lack of sun exposure Update and podcast: need for Vitamin D, magnesium, Omega 3 and exercise for healthspan - The concept of a low hanging fruit (a thing or person that can be won, obtained, or persuaded with little effort) is great for incorporating lifestyle changes for improving healthspan (living healthy for as long as possible).  We all have busy lives that could benefit from simple strategies with little effort required to improve our […]
Are you well-hydrated? - I have been looking for an electrolyte replacement that is not full of sugar, food colourings, various (difficult to pronounce) chemicals and additives for many years now.  Healthy hydration equals water plus electrolytes. Electrolytes are minerals—sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and bicarbonate—that carry electrical charges in your body. This electricity conduction allows cells to communicate, […]
Kids dressed up for a healthy Halloween tricking or treating Healthy Options for Halloween - The fall season is a big transition for many from the more relaxed summer months. Many families are back in the swing of a more intensive and often overscheduled life, involving school, fall or winter sports, and other activities. Halloween, Thanksgiving, a pumpkin patch or apple picking can be great activities to carve out some […]
Breathe Breathe like your health and longevity depends on it - For several years, I have been using various breathing protocols to reduce mental/emotional stress, improve quality and quantity of sleep, relax my body, improve facial structure and optimize my overall health. My functional dentist, Dr Mae Abdalla, gifted me the book by James Nestor called Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art.  I found […]
Omega-3s: ‘essential’ for brain and heart longevity - Everyone has likely heard of the link between omega-3 oils and our health.  You may have heard that they are important for your brain, heart and reducing inflammation and that you probably are not getting enough in our standard diet.  So I have decided to take a deep dive and unpack what the current research […]
Calm down…Why supplement with Magnesium? - Health Canada says nearly half of all Canadians are deficient in magnesium, which can lead to symptoms such as restless legs, muscle cramps, migraines, fatigue, anxiety and insomnia, to name a few. According to Magnesium is an essential dietary mineral, and the second most prevalent electrolyte in the human body. Magnesium deficiencies are common […]
Updates on the top benefits of the sunshine vitamin (D3) and video - Do you get sick often, feel depressed or anxious, have high blood pressure, or restless sleep?  These are all possible signs or symptoms of vitamin D deficiency.  I will provide updates on the top benefits of the sunshine vitamin (D3) and video below. Classically, vitamin D3 or the sunshine vitamin is known for its ability […]
What is your chronotype? Easy tips for falling and staying asleep - As the years progress, the importance of sleep has become increasingly more evident.  Having been a chronic ‘undersleeper’ for most of my adult life, I keep realizing that this an area I have to continue to revisit and get ‘back on track’.  With the advent of sleep tracking devices, we are learning more about the […]
6 Ways to Build Healthy Superkids - Virtually every parent wants their child to be healthy and happy.  Creating certain behaviors and habits early on can lead the path to health and longevity and can be one of the greatest gifts we can provide our kids.  Here are 6 ways to build healthy superkids.  *A little secret is that these habit and […]
Natural ‘spicy’ options for controlling inflammation - Curcumin is an important chemical and one of the most well-studied bioactive ingredients found in Turmeric. The Turmeric plant grows in India and Indonesia it produces the yellow-pigmented curry spice we know as Turmeric. Turmeric if you’ve ever seen or used it fresh, looks very similar to ginger — except orange on the inside and […]
Movement is medicine for babies, children, and adults Movement is Medicine - “Motion is life.” – Hippocrates “It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” – Socrates These quotes are a powerful indication that even before science was able to study the body in depth, it was a well-recognized fact of life that […]
fasting, intermittent fasting, IF What is Intermittent Fasting? - As a self-experimenter, approximately five years ago,  I started putting my body in a state of nutritional ketosis using a ‘keto diet‘. This is when I was using intermittent fasting (IF) consistently. I am still using intermittent fasting and you can check this out to have a better idea of what I am currently eating here.  […]