Check out some testimonials from our clients:

“Just a quick note to thanks you for the excellent service I received, both from you and Linda. I came to you as a severe arthritis sufferer, four months after my second hip replacement. I was in severe pain with limited movement. Now after 12 treatments, the pain has vanished and my mobility has improved 100%. My only regret is I did not visit you sooner. I would also like to thank you and Linda for the support and the punctuality that the visits operated to.”

– John Curley

“When I started care with Dr. Vitale I had numbness and tingling in my left arm, chronic neck pain,  headaches, severe restless leg syndrome and I could not sleep.  I was sent to a cardiologist and then a neurologist.  I have had numerous tests over a year and a half including MRIs, CT scans, stress tests, EKGs, blood tests, heart imaging, nerve conduction studies, etc.  Nothing turned up.  I had met Dr. Dan Vitale at a community outreach and he told me I may have nerve involvement and may want to give Chiropractic a try.  Now six months into my program of care, I sleep, no headaches, no numbness in my arm, no neck pain, no restless leg syndrome allowing me to sleep; finally.”

– Kim Schwartzengburg

At 46 years of age I had changed careers going from a very sedentary job to a very physical job. After a week my back was sore, my knees were sore, my entire body ached – I felt like an old man. I needed some relief so I came to see Dr. Dan. My back was getting worse and I didn’t know if I could continue doing my job. I began adjustments and was getting some relief but was not sure if I could continue with my new position – it was “killing me”. I decided to attend one of the seminars and I know it’s cliché but it changed my life. I learnt about the health essentials of maximized living and began to adapt them to my life. I began with the core nutrition plan and the surge exercise (high intensity exercise) programs – you can get fit in less than 15 minutes of exercise with a healthy diet. A year later I feel amazing; I have lost 30 pounds, have more energy and am in the best shape of my life.”

– Darren Hedges

“My family and I have benefited greatly from Dr. Dan’s holistic approach to health over the last 5 years. Our family consists of 3 competitive swimmers, one dancer, one runner, and an infant. Dr. Dan lives what he believes in, and inspires those around him to do the same. He is full of information regarding nutrition, health, chiropractic, and muscular injuries. What he does not know off the top of his head, he researches. At 41 I had decided to have another child. Having suffered a separated symphysis with my last two children (in my later 20’s and early 30’s), I asked Dr. Dan for advice with this latest pregnancy. He did some research and came back to me with a list of exercises to do daily. I faithfully followed his orders and saw him weekly during my pregnancy. Not only was I able to swim Master’s swimming until the day I went into labour at 41 years old, but during the labour I did not suffer another separated symphysis. My recovery from the pregnancy was very fast and I am back in the water training again. Thank you, Dr. Dan!”

– Trina Chapman

“I am a 4-time World Champion Bench Press competitor, and have broken and held 4 World Records. I have been working with Dr. Dan Vitale since February 2012. When I met Dr. Dan I was 350 lbs, and benching approx 550 lbs comfortably. I have done my last two competitions with Dr. Dan having a controlling role in my care, Nationals and North American championships respectively. I benched 601 lbs at Nationals a personal best and then lifted 639 lbs six weeks later at North Americans a 38lb personal best and new current junior world record. I’m now 320lbs and handling in the low 700lb ranges. I’m getting ready for World November 7th in Las Vegas. Where I hope to lift 700 lbs+ at 305lb bodyweight.Dr. Dan has helped me with my overall training consistency and making sure that all of the little problems that arise while training hard don’t go ignored and develop into something more. His cutting edge, comprehensive care approach has been critical in the leaps of improvement I have made over the last 9 months under his supervision.” My career highlights are:

  • Best Heavyweight Teen Bencher AWPC Worlds: 2007
  • Best Heavyweight Teen Bencher WPC Worlds: 2008
  • Best Heavyweight Junior Bencher AWPC Worlds: 2011
  • Best Bencher CPF Nationals: 2012
  • Best Junior Bencher Can-Am Championships: 2012
  • AWPC Teen 18-19 World Record 125kg: 207.5kg (2007)
  • WPC Teen 18-19 World Record 140kg: 255kg (2008)
  • AWPC Junior World Record 140+kg: 272.5kg (2012), previously mine at 240kg (2011)”

– Richard Singh

“I have been receiving treatment from Family Chiropractic for almost 3 years now and I would like to share with everyone how they have educated and helped me into getting my health back.

I originally hurt my back when I had a bicycle accident that was, actually, quite unremarkable. My front tire stuck in some mud and I struggled to hold my balance before tumbling over, slowly, onto the ground. I dusted myself off and continued on, thinking nothing of the accident, until the coming weeks when I became aware of a burning sensation deep in my back. As time went on the burning became more intense, I was having trouble lying on that side, sleep was next to impossible and finally, just having the fabric of my shirt brush up against the affected area, caused intense pain. To make matters worse the pain started to radiate to other parts of my back, up to my neck and down my arm causing numbness in my fingers. I finally booked an appointment with my family doctor. The first thing she focused on was my internal organs with ultrasounds, MRI’s and CAT scans. Finally, after 6 months, these ruled out what she thought was a problem with my liver. During this time I was put on a quite powerful drug called Lyrica which is thought to reduce the electrical stimulation to overstimulated nerves. I was also on Lipitor at this time as I had ballooned from 260 to 315 lbs due to the total lack of exercise and stress eating. I was then referred to an Orthopedist (muscular/skeletal specialist) who referred me to a sports physician, who had me go to a physiotherapist. This helped for about ½ hour after the visit so I sought out other avenues that I thought might help. I tried an osteopath, which helped a little more, but again, I saw little relief for short periods of time, with really no long term hope for getting healed. Everything up to that point seemed to focus on pain management, where I was looking for pain elimination.

Finally, out of desperation, I went to Family Chiropractic and saw Dr Dan Vitale. I never really knew what chiropractic involved and I was very sceptical that any progress would be made. I felt immense relief after the first adjustment, I was far from cured but the amount of pressure relieved from my back was quite remarkable. I continued on for several months and during this time I started feeling better for longer periods of time. Also during this time, all of the doctors and staff at the clinic started talking to me about 4 other important systems that I might want to look into to maximize my health. I was really surprised and therefore intrigued, that they found these other factors just as important as nerve flow. After all, these were chiropractors and I figured they would just stress the one aspect over all others. The four other components were your mind, nutrition, exercise and toxin avoidance. I went to community outreach education seminars they put on and kept an open mind while sitting through the information seminars. Since the adjustments helped me so much, I was very motivated to see if I could get tips in other areas that might help my health. The seminars were included in the fee already charged for chiropractic care, and again, a lot that was said made sense to me. If it didn’t make sense, I asked and it usually was clarified or I searched through other resources, just to make sure that things made medical sense I have now lost 80 lbs and am off all of my medications. My appetite is satisfied quite easily and I don’t crave food all of the time anymore. Not only have I lost the weight, but I have noticed a dramatic decrease in the amount of inflammation that I have in my joints and also my back.

I am now going to the gym for an hour 4-5 days a week (never thought I had the time until I started writing down how much time everyday I spent watching television or reading). Not only do I look forward to it, but I am actually doing quite well in the cardio exercises, which I have always hated. Now, I can last for an hour on the elliptical machine and I come off of it invigorated and ready to go.

I love the fact that Family Chiropractic has come up with a whole system that can get you back on track with life, instead of just focusing on one area of health and disregarding other, just as important areas. I especially appreciate the information I received on nutrition which was worth it’s weight in gold to me.

I would highly recommend you go to a few seminars. Take family or friends, listen critically to what is being said, compare it to what you already know and research what you are not sure of or ask for clarification from the staff.

No doctor or medicine or therapy is going to heal your body…one thing that has been drilled into me is that only your body can heal and only if it has the tools to the healing. I have no doubt that the staff at Family Chiropractic can show you how.”

– Ned Radenovic

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