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Enter Dr. Jason Fung , Canadian nephrologist (Kidney Specialist) from Toronto and author of The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss.

Dr. Fung sees diabetics who are very sick and on dialysis.  He is passionate about telling everyone that type 2 diabetes is NOT a progressively worsening chronic disease, which cannot be reversed.  In fact, he has shown that he can teach people how to completely reverse this process.

Dr. Fung is definitely a maverick in his profession and I truly appreciate his perspectives on health and disease prevention. He runs an Intensive Dietary Management program online. In Guelph, we now have 2 medical doctors who are affiliates of the IDM program and have trained in Dr Fung’s facility.

Watch this video on How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally:

Once you’re done, check out this other clip on understanding The Two Big Lies of Type 2 Diabetes. The first lie is that diabetes is a chronic, progressive disease — so get used to it! The second is that lowering blood sugar is the primary goal of therapy and will help you get better.

I encourage you or your family members to take action, as I have seen too many patients with type 2 diabetics following the mainstream approach and end up on dialysis, facing gastric bypass/lap band surgery. The mainstream approach can leave patients with kidney failure, diabetic neuropathy, blindness, and increasing obesity, which is inevitable when taking insulin.

Action Items

  • Share this post with someone you know who is diabetic or pre-diabetic.
  • Read the label of your favorite snack and see how much sugar is actually in there.


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