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This is a super easy way to add a ton of nutrition to your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Or you can simply use it as a snack (although you won’t need to do much snacking when you become a fat-burning machine) or as a favourite dessert for movie night!

Health Bar Instructions

  1. Warm up 1 cup of organic coconut oil. Choose either organic or refined coconut oil — refined oil has a higher smoke point and should be used for higher temperature cooking like eggs.
  2. Allow to melt into clear liquid form. Melt at a low temperature to avoid overheating. Remove from heat as soon as it has melted completely.
  3. In a separate bowl, add all your dry ingredients, then wet, then finally stir in the melted coconut oil.
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Health Bar Ingredients

I used to always tell people to do this: in a separate bowl pick or allow your kids to pick their favorite healthy ingredients.  But I realized that most people like specifics.  So here are my recommendations…

Your bar may include any combination of the following, depending on what you and your kids feel like (and what is available):

  • ½ Cup of Nut Butter — Almond and cashew are favourites, occasionally peanut, although it’s not a real nut!
  • 1 Cup of Shredded Coconut
  • ½ Cup Presoaked Chia Seeds

  • ½ Cup of Milled Nut or Seeds — Combo of almond, macadamia, walnut, flax, or any of these separately.
  • Grated Pure Cocoa and/or Cocoa Nibs (El Camino Brand)
  • Chopped Up Organic Figs (Pranna Brand)
  • Organic Raisins — Avoid if low carb or ketosis

For a natural sweetener (recommended), you can add…

  • 1-2 Tsps of Xylitol or Erythritol


  • 10 drops Liquid Stevia — Only if no dry fruit are added.

Once you have mixed these ingredients with the melted coconut oil in a bowl, take a Pyrex or similar-type dish. Place parchment paper over the Pyrex and pour all the contents onto parchment paper and spread evenly. Place the dish in the freezer for at least 1-2 hours and then enjoy.  It is often gone within the week.

I also chop a piece of this bar to put into my morning shake (see recipe here) to speed up the morning process. Awesome breakfast hack!

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