Easiest Guacamole in Town!

This is a very easy and quick recipe that is a staple in my household.

Ingredients: (I don’t bother to measure and usually just taste and add)

1-3 ripe avocados

2 tbsp of salsa per avocado

½ tsp of lemon or lime juice per avocado


optional on taste preference: parsley, cilantro, onion, hot peppers



–       cut avocado in half ( I will put a step by step on this in a future post), squeeze out seed and scoop out fruit

–       put all contents in your preferred blender

–       taste and make the appropriate additions and then ENJOY with fresh cut veggies.SalsaNaturalMedium-1-INvisible We do enjoy the organic Neal Brothers Salsa.


Organic or non-organic ingredients? Refer to Why and What should I eat organic .

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